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X2066 - scienceFUTURE

scienceFUTURE is developed by the award winning film-maker CHRISTINE CYNN together with numerous collaborators from the world of film, art, science and general public.

scienceFUTURE team

CHRISTINE CYNN (Ice-9, Norway)

Christine has been developing new ways to catalyse and document the human imagination since 1996, with emphasis on participation and group dynamics. Her goal is to illuminate the largely unseen, and often surreal conflicts of desire, fear, and hope that shape our lives and our world. Educated at Harvard and the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship to Uganda, she is the co-director and co-producer of the Oscar-nominated documentary THE ACT OF KILLING (2012). Her latest film is SHOOTING OURSELVES (2016) about the human impact of the weapons industry. Christine is the daily leader and co-founder of Ice-9. 

VALENTIN MANZ (Ice-9, Norway)

Valentin's work engages viewers visually and physically in a sculptural theatre made from glass, metal, clay and found materials such as cardboard and furniture. Paintings, drawings and books are made in parallel with sculptures. In every medium, Manz’s work is characterised by a direct expression of aggressive energy, movement, and play resonant with the work of Dubuffet, Appel, Jorn, and other members of the COBRA movement. Valentin graduated with an MA in 

ANNELI STIBERG (Ice-9, Norway)

Anneli graduated from University of Tromsø with an MA in Visual Cultural Studies. She has been a junior producer on the award-winning film 'Ambulance' by Mohamed Jabaly (2016), and has directed several short films for the 'Shooting Ourselves' website

sF co-producer (art and film)


John Arvid has 20 years experience within film and TV production. JAB Film was established in Tromsø, Norway in 1995. JAB wishes to work with projects of social value and produce creative documentaries for national and international markets being at the same time open to fiction films as well as to educational and info films.


In cooperation with the following institutions

The Polar Institute FRAM – High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment
The University of Agder, Faculty of Art


sF production partners

SF Nordisk Kulturfond
SF Insomnia
SF Polaria
SF Shape
SF SpareBank Nord Norge
SF Oya
SF Ice 9
SF Innovasjon Norge
SF Nordnorsk Filmsenter
SF Kulturradet
SF We are Europe