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X2066 - scienceFUTURE

scienceFUTURE (Energy)

The X stories in the first cycle of scienceFUTURE is titled ‘Energy’ and will focus on the global energy crisis and the implications of climate change. We are in dialogue with schools, scientific and cultural institutions in all the Arctic nations to participate in the project. These communities not only feel the most dramatic impacts of climate change, they also host leading research on climate, and are currently debating actions on drilling and uranium export with global implications.
Created by an all-star team of artists, cultural producers, and technologists from across Scandinavia, scienceFUTURE (Energy) gathers primary creative inputs from Nordic scientists, young people, artists, and other interested people, with additional creative inputs and audience from all Nordic regions. scienceFUTURE will create and employ digital tools to produce a truly new genre of collaborative art merging visual, theatrical, literary and oral traditions within a digital platform.
Everyone cares about the future. Rising energy demands and climate change mean the future is less than secure for our grandchildren. Nordic countries plays a special role in this unfolding drama. All Nordic nations are arctic nations. The debates on energy are especially urgent in Nordic countries, but are often inaccessible due to the complexity of the problems and the science underlying them.
scienceFUTURE’s objective is to contextualize these issues by humanizing them - relating them to a single woman who will inherit the future we are creating for her through collaborative art that engages those least often consulted (young people and those from remote communities in the Far North), even though they have the greatest investment in the outcomes.
The outcomes are unpredictable, like the future, but we know they will reflect the diversity of the participants, and that a few of the lives of X will surprise, move, or inspire us. sF aims to inspire people to think creatively in an open, non-competitive environment that nurtures both free-spirited play and serious reflection.

We are currently in discussion in bringing the live installation to these host organisations:
— Katuaq Cultural House in Nuuk, Greenland
— Kalaallit Illuutaat - The Greenlandic House, Copenhagen, Denmark
— Kunstforening, Tromsø
— Kunsthallen, Kristiansand
— Oulu (TBC)
— Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland (TBC)