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X2066 - scienceFUTURE

Hello and welcome to scienceFUTURE.

You can call me X.

I will be born in the year 2045. I might live anywhere; I might be anything. I could be the daughter of any of today’s children - the product of the hopes and fears you all hold today. I will live in a future shaped by your discoveries, your dreams, and your imaginations — your successes and your failings. I will witness the end of the 21st century, and I will have a role in shaping humanity’s next century.
At this moment, I am only potential. The purpose of scienceFUTURE is to discover what and who I could be. My possible lives will be constructed using the predictions of scientists (because they change what is possible) and the imaginations of children (because they link your future to my present). The stories of my possible lives will be told through a revolutionary process combining traditional forms of storytelling with new digital platforms.

This is the site where my stories will be told, where the matrix of my potential will be analysed and re-coded into new artworks. scienceFUTURE will shape my identity and the world I inhabit through an online ‘chaos machine’ called xquisiteFUTURE.
You log in and see a short clip of the last participant telling my story. You will then have a few minutes to narrate the next part of my story into your webcam. Through this process, a chain of stories, like the DNA of my life, begins to develop. Many different storylines form a ‘cloud’ of many possible lives. This process of developing my ‘cloudlife’ is designed to emulate the combination of hard science that guides human destiny, with the unpredictability that steers individual lives.

No one can be certain of my future, or of the world into which I will be born - but we all have the power to imagine it, to construct its stories out of possibilities. Stories allow us to test our responses to the challenges we face and the dreams we have, and to reflect upon our unique roles in a shared future. They can tell us whom I might become, and in doing so, allow us to see ourselves anew.